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Q:Do pets need vaccinations, Kennel Cough in particular?
A:All pets must be fully vaccinated to board with us and customers are to present their vaccination record on arrival. We strongly recommend the KC vaccine, this is to be administered at least 10 days prior to boarding. We expect all animals to be up to date with their flea and worming treatment too. Any animal checking in that is not up to date with their vaccinations, we have the right to refuse them boarding with us.

Q:Is food, treats and bedding included in the costs?
A:Yes, but if customers prefer their pet’s diets not to be changed they can provide their usual food and treats but there is no reduction in boarding fees. We use metal and plastic bowls here but If your pet requires a special dish for eating you will need to bring that in with you. Any bedding/toys etc brought in we take no responsibility for what your pet does with them. We often advocate an old, unwashed t shirt or similar which smells of home helps more fretful natured pets settle. Anything that is too big to go into our washing machine will be handed back in the state it is in, If your pet soils this during their stay.

Q:Would I be able to keep in touch with my pets while we are separated?
A:Of course! If we were at all concerned about a pet the owner would be the first to know. We can provide photographs via social media throughout a pet’s holiday however if all customers requested this service during our busiest month’s it would definitely be impossible to deliver without employing a “photographer” therefore an additional charge for this service, if requested, will be £5 per photograph.

Q:Is there a collection and delivery service?
A:Yes, we have a suitably equipped works vehicle in order to safely transport pets. We can pick pets up and deliver them back home and we can take pets for vets appointments and treatments. Dogs have been transported to weddings for photographs. These services are all very time consuming so there are appropriate charges depending on the distances involved and time taken to deliver these services.

Q:What do the daily boarding fees cover?
A:The daily boarding fee covers food (if you wish to use ours), bedding, heating and insurance. Boarding fees are from £24 per day for dogs and from £15 per day for cats with discounts for sharing and multiple occupancy. However for pets requiring extra care there will be additional charges. Extra care includes medications/injections etc. We have a very well qualified, experienced and committed team who can meet all pets needs but realistically there are times when an extra charge is warranted. A non-refundable deposit of 25% of your total bill is required to secure your booking, this can be paid over the phone with a credit or debit card.

Q:Is there a cancellation fee If I cancel my booking?
A:Yes, you will be required to pay a fee of £50 if you cancel your booking within 48hrs of arrival. This can be paid over the phone with a credit or debit card. If you cancel more than 48hrs of your arrival no charge will apply but you will lose your deposit.

Q: Can I board my pet If it is in season or is pregnant?
A:Animals that are in season can still board with us as we do not mix your pet with other boarding animals. A queen or bitch who have entire males in the same family will be kennelled separately to avoid the obvious happening. We do not accept any pet that is pregnant.

Q:Is it possible for me to collect my pet(s) outside your opening hours?
A:Yes, this is by arrangement only and at the owner’s discretion. You will be required to pay an out of hours charge for this service.

Q:What time can I drop off my pet(s), and what time can I collect?
A:You can drop off your pet or collect them between 8.30am – 12 and then 1.00pm – 4.30pm.



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